Exploring coroutines

The following is my notes from learning about the coroutine facilities added to c++ in c++20. Disclaimer: I have yet to implement anything for production using coroutines. I have, however, spent a lot of time watching talks and reading up on this stuff, and a bit of time with toy examples. Take what I’ve documented here with a handful of salt. My goal is to understand how coroutines work under the hood, not present best practices for using them.
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An Interview Question

Once upon a time my favorite technical interview to conduct went something like the following. It consisted of me writing some really broken multi-threaded code and using that as a conversation starter. Candidates would drive me through discussing everything from cpu architectures, caches / cache coherency, compilers, threading, concurrency / parallelism, schedulers, and all sorts of related topics. Below is a high level sample of how a conversation might go.
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